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Permanent Housing

Permanent affordable housing is an essential element in ending homelessness. Project PLASE’s Permanent Housing Program offers both personal independence and continued support from PLASE's dedicated Outreach Counselors to prevent clients from relapsing into homelessness. Our permanent housing options include: Shelter + Care (S+C), Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Units, and the HUD 202 Program.

Single Room Occupancy (1814 Maryland Avenue)

Single Room Occupancy (SRO) is one type of permanent, supportive housing available at Project PLASE. This program, funded by HUD, includes Section 8 subsidy for ten individuals. The SRO units provide a comfortable transition from transitional housing to permanent housing. While each resident has their own bedroom unit, they have full access and use of common areas designed to fill their independent living needs. These spacious units are fully equipped with modern amenities including a laundry facility, spacious kitchen and living area. Additionally, the residents have full access to a courtyard, which is shared with transitional housing and staff.

Shelter Plus Care

Project PLASE currently operates as a sponsor for 113 Shelter Plus Care (S+C) units. S+C is a federally funded HUD program for those who are formally homeless and living with a disability (mental health, substance abuse, and/or physical disabilities). Unlike other rental subsidies, S+C is a marriage of case management and rental subsidy where as a condition of one the client must participate in the other. This combination creates a system in which the client is able to be independent, yet remain supported. Additionally, because S+C has a term of up to five years, the client is assisted in making preparations for a more permanent living situation (Section 8, HOPWA, unsubsidized housing, etc.). These five years allow a client to progress from the dependency of shelter life into the complete independence of community life. PLASE has seen many successes in this program, from the reunification of families to the continuing education of our clients.

32 South Calverton Road

This five unit apartment building serves as rental housing for persons with a history of emotional problems who can live independently. It features a small basement apartment for a live-in Residential Manager. This housing is funded through the HUD 202 Program. The Section 8 Certificates stay with the units, allowing those with low or even no income to live there.

Housing and Hope for Baltimore's Most Vulnerable Homeless Citizens

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